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  • Call for Papers - Journal/Book

    Computational Economics Special Issue in Machine Learning

    Computational Economics

     Objective: The field of Machine Learning (ML) appeared in the mid-50s mainly to create and deliver the “Learning” component on the (pioneering then) Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Its practical applications though, have been implemented without precedent in the last two decades. In between, ML followed the fate of AI and experienced long periods of low interest and funding (often referred to as... [Read More]

  • Call for committee


    Dedhy Sulistiawan

    SSBRN offers collaboration to the members to be SSBRN country representative. Members must (1) hold Doctoral degree, (2) have good networking skill, and (3) have experience in participating in SSBRN events. On December 1, 2019, SSBRN open new country representative in Thailand. In the future, SSBRN always open for any opportunity to recognize you as a country representative. Please visit as one of S... [Read More]

  • Symposium/Conference

    International Conference on Information Technology & Business 2020 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Q Building Erasmus University Rotterdam

    SSBRN conducts a conference to discuss information technology and business studies using an interdisciplinary approach. This conference is expected to contribute to practical and theoretical aspects in information technology and business. SSBRN is waiting the participation of academics around the world to discuss to the benefit of stakeholders. In this conference SSBRN also provides networking session (FREE CITY TOUR) for... [Read More]

  • Symposium/Conference

    The 5th SSBRN Symposium 2020 in Paris, France

    Fiap Jean Monnet Paris France

    CALL FOR PAPERS The 5th SSBRN Symposium 2019 will be conducted on June 11-12, 2020 in Paris, France.  The venue is FIAP JEAN MONNET Congress Center. SSBRN invites scholars around the world join to disseminate research article in business and social science. The symposium provides a networking session & city tour for participants. Award-winning authors will receive a Best Paper Award certificate and free registra... [Read More]

  • Symposium/Conference

    The 2nd International Conference on Business & Behavioral Studies 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand

    Hotel Mercure Makkasan Bangkok

    SSBRN promotes contextual discussion in business and behavioral studies using an interdisciplinary approach. It presents discussion across perspectives to stimulate theory development. This conference is expected to produce or develop a new approach, theories, and findings that can be used to support future academic research. SSBRN expects to promote papers about human behavioral issues in a business organization using in... [Read More]